Arts Corridor

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Penang, notably George Town, has become a centre of art, against a backdrop of heritage buildings, religion and culture. As such, Penang has become a hub, a haven for artists, and a catalyst of inspiration.

This is evident in the influx of artists skilled in the different art forms, from the oriental to the west, converging to Penang to create their works of art. Furthermore, it is also evident from the mushrooming of art galleries as places to showcase Penang Arts within the many nooks and corners of George Town.

But Penang is not just home to foreign artists; it has also bred a pool of local artists not only skilled in the many art forms, but also in presenting a different perspective of this beautiful place.

Such a development is a testament of the growing maturity of the city. On one hand, galleries become the depositors of Penang Arts while drawing art aficionados and tourists alike; on the other hand, Penang Arts serve as beacons in the growth of the intangible – the maturing of its denizens, the appreciation towards cultural values, and horizon-expanding of the mind.

With the support of the Penang state government, Penang Arts, together with the Penang community, are taking their first baby steps, with the vision for greater cultural achievements ahead.

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