Broadband Services in Georgetown Penang

There are many broadband services companies available in the country, and they are all now available at George Town, Penang. The only concern is on your budget and how extensive you want the service to be. Staying in a heritage city like George Town, Penang, does not mean that you need to stay in the old times... you can still live like a modern, urban dweller, and if you happen to need all the information about expenses in moving.


This is probably the oldest service available. It uses the fixed line provided by Telekom Malaysia, and there are still people who are using some of its earliest unlimited packages at a very low monthly payment. It may not be the most fashionable service in the country, but considerably the most stable. If there are a lot of complains about satellite broadband services that are unstable, there will still be Streamyx that may be slow and lagging, but will be able to still continue surfing. No matter how much the people complain, there will still be some reasons that people still keep Streamyx as their main wifi at home... for the stability that it can offer. As long as the telephone lines are well and cables are working, there will not be any problems with the services.


Another strong broadband service that just emerged out of the Streamyx family is Unifi. The package for the Unifi includes a wholistic solution that combines Internet surfing with Internet television, plus communications by telephone and short messaging services. It is one of the strongest broadband connection to allow such Internet television, and it comes with several packages to allow connection within the whole house, while also checking other important parts of the house such as the cost of electric gates for residential buildings, so they can keep them apart and secure.

The television channels offered in the Internet television are lesser than those offered by Astro, even though some channels are the same. You will not get a full package like what you can get from Astro, but it will not be too disappointing either, unless you prefer more Oriental movies that you can get from the Dynasty Package on Astro, but I like to watch other type of movies, for which I use the netflix vpn to have more options.

So far, users are satisfied with the connections and said that the speed is fast compared to other services. Could this be just a temporary thing because subscription is still low? Or will it be able to maintain the speed as it is right now when more people enrol in its services?

Telco Broadbands

The next best thing to happen is the broadbands offered by telephone companies, such as Maxis, Digi or Celcom. There are a lot of people complaining about these companies, mainly because the lines may not be stable, or because there are additional data charges once their usage exceeds the signed dataplan. Some, however, will not have additional charges, but the lines will go really slow and not meet the speed expectations, yet still usable.

These telco broadbands usually come with an Internet key, which is a USB device to give laptop computers the ease of mobile connections. The USB device is just the size of a pendrive, which makes it easy to bring along and handy enough for a quick connection. Installation is easy as well, so there is no need to worry about convenience. However, the only negative aspect about this may be if there are too many subscribers using the service at the same time at a single location, or when there are some problems that will mar the satellite signals, then the connections may be a slower speed.

Otherwise, there are also wifi packages with all accessories included. These packages are usually the most expensive of all, probably because of the speed and strength of the connection, plus the accessories. It will be good to compare the packages and decide which one is the best, and check with existing users to get a more balanced review of the product.

P1 Wimax

Perhaps the most condemned of all services is the P1 Wimax. It is a service that once gave a lot of promises due to its publicity as a fast broadband service, that created a lot of angry customers and disappointments when its service could not cope with the promises it made to customers in the advertisements. It is a painful process to try cancelling the service too, due to the extensive terms and conditions that got a lot of grumblings by the customers. Perhaps P1 Wimax could try to improve its capacity so that services given to the customers will be better. In fact, P1 Wimax line always breaks easily, and it can be pretty frustrating especially if you are on Skype call.


Yes is one of the least popular in George Town, probably because it just started and is being challenged by Unifi. Yes boasted itself as the true 4G connection, but how fast and effective it is has yet to gain much raving reviews among Penangites.

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