Deluxcious Spa and Cuisine… and Hotel?

If you look at all the good things that George Town has to offer and you are tempted to something more, you probably will want to opt for some truly memorable place to stay. The hotels in George Town and Penang island as a whole are superb, and lately there is another new edition to the list that promises to pamper you till you melt... a promise that you can get fulfilled only when you are at George Town. The new place is called Deluxcious, a nice place that started off first as a Spa with a restaurant, that now grows into a boutique hotel as well and has one of the best Charle a Hair Studio for your hair!.

How sweet can that be! For those who had tried its food before, you will agree that it is one of the best fine dining restaurants in the island. The owner is a young chef who had the vision of giving total pampering and relaxation to the patrons by having first a restaurant and a spa service, and as business and profit grew, he had also taken over neighboring lots to make it into a boutique hotel. Let us now look at the elements that made up Deluxcious one by one.

The Spa

Whenever there are any special promotions, it may be a tie in between the spa and the restaurant. The spa is a nice place for both men and women, and couples may come together at the same time for a relaxing Balinese massage in the same room together. There are also modern beauty treatments available, and most of these treatments are organic using herbal plants from land and sea.

Seeing the success of the original spa at Deluxcious itself had prompt the opening of Qin Spa at Flamingo by the Beach, also in Penang. Both offers a good time for facial, jacuzzi and a good massage for relaxation and rejuvenation. After all that relaxation, customers may then head to the restaurant for a lovely meal at its fine dining restaurant area.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is headed by its owner, the award winning Penangite Chef, Keith Khoo. The young chef had returned from Singapore's Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and his philosophy in maintaining the standards of his restaurant is “freshness”. The restaurant is a clean place with nice ambience, while the menu is full of fusion delights that are also healthy and delicious at the same time, which is important for many people which want to eat healthy and take care of their heart, also with supplements from this physio-omega review.

While the dishes maintain as Western cuisine, the kitchen prepares the food together with the infusion of local herbs to make it taste slightly different from what you will get from the West. The Rack of Lamb is probably the favorite dish in the restaurant, because it is really juicy and perfectly done to the right taste. This dish is an Award Winning dish in food – Asia, and is the winner of the Award Winning best flavor in AACO. The price is reasonable too, given the standard of service and food that is offered to the patrons.

The Hotel

The hotel is probably the most surprising, yet delightful, addition to the original Deluxcious. It takes the form of a 19th century colonial-stle house, which is tastefully decorated like a colonial English home. There are eighteen private suites, and room rates are pretty reasonable given the aesthetic value it offers. You can also find great activities like the whale watching california adventure !

A lot of care has been taken to the details of its decorations, including the garden right outside the hotel itself. The garden chairs, the plants and even the stone slabs at the garden area are carefully laid for that flawlessness associated with the English, that it seems that everything is crafted for perfection. It shows just how carefully this idea had been planned right from the start, rather than an idea that suddenly flourished as an opportunity.


During the evening if you have dinner at the restaurant, you will find some young talents singing sweet melodies for the customers. They may even create a little fun if you alert the restaurant that your dinner there is a birthday celebration, because they will start singing a birthday song as a cake is being brought out from the kitchen.

You can always arrange for something special with the restaurant. Call them up for the reservations, and you can always alert them that it is for a celebration. If you wish to, you may also bring in your own cake which you may have bought elsewhere, and instruct them to bring out the cake at a certain time to surprise whoever it is that you brought for dinner. They are good at keeping things hushed, and to bring out the surprise only when the time is right.

Even if you do not have any particular plan in mind, it will be nice to just have a good time dining at the restaurant or enjoying its spa services.

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