Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery – Penang Adventist Hospital

Dr Jonathan Deong Kee Kong

Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon

MBBS(Manipal), MS ORL HNS(Malaya), AM(M’sia),

FAAO(USA), Cert. Balloon Sinuplasty(USA)

Dr Sharad Godbole

Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon


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4 thoughts on “Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery – Penang Adventist Hospital

  1. Dear sir/madam,

    I am ratna from indonesia. My son 10th month old has a swollen fistula preauricular on his right ear. He’s been treated with 2 kinds of antibiotics each was for 5 days and was given cream designed for abscess but it is still swollen.

    Local ent said he’ll try to drain the puss inside the swollen fistula next week and give my son medication first before considering any surgery since my son is still a baby. Hopefully once drained,the fistula is back to normal again and routinely wiped with alcohol to keep it clean and clogged free.

    However,I would like to consult with an ent doctor at pah who is experienced with this fistula thing and has extensive experience in performing fistula excision surgery on babies. I did some browsing on the web and i read the surgery involved fistulography and microscopic procedures and must be performed by someone who is an expert at head and neck surgery since it is risky due to its location near facial nerves. Also the fistula has to be removed completely to prevent it from happening again.

    Please advise:
    1. if pah has a doctor for this kind of thing and
    2. please inform me about the procedures/methods pah adopt to remove the fistula.
    3. also how much the whole procedures,surgery,medication and hospital will cost if my son is to stay in a single room,preferably in a neonatal room for baby.

    I am sorry for the long email. I previously consulted a doctor who said my son needed a surgery but was not willing to explain the procedures to me which was disappointing. I know i am not an expert but i am still the parent.

    Thank you for your kind attention and looking forward to hearing from you

    • Dear Ratna,

      Thank you for visiting our website. As for your inquiry, according to the hospital concerned, there are ENT surgeons that can solve your problem. However, it would be advisable for you to come to Penang Adventist Hospital to consult them directly rather than through email. The two ENT surgeons at PAH are DR. Jonathan Deong and Dr. Sharad.


  2. Hi…saya berencana hendak consult dengan Dr Jonathan bulan april. Bolehkah saya tahu jadwal Dr Jonathan di penang Adventist hospital? Apakah bulan April Dokter ada di sana?

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