Dr Chang Sau Kong

Specialty : Consultant Cardiologist & Physician
Credential : MD (USM), MRCP (UK)
Tel / fax : 604-2227346, 604-2227360 Email :

Year of graduation: 1997 Universiti Sains Malaysia

Year of Specialist:

Subspecialty training: noninvasive coronary angiogram (64 MDCT)

Scope of service: Interventional cardiology (transradial coronary stenting), Echocardiography (especially tissue doppler imaging, TDI), Cardiac Imaging (coronary 64 slice CT imaging/cardiac MRI), myocardial stem cell therapy (specifically mesenchymal stem cells)

Area of interest:

About him:

Dr. Chang joined us as our Resident Consultant Cardiologist. He graduated with M.D. (USM) from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1997. He subsequently passed his MRCP (Edinburgh) in 2000. He served as a General Physician in Ipoh Hospital and Hospital Seri Manjung (2000-2001) prior to joining Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) for his cardiology training for almost four years. He had extensive training in interventional cardiology, heart failure/transplant assessment, echo/TEE and pacemaker.

His special interest include

a) Interventional cardiology (transradial coronary stenting). Transradial-based procedures has made intervention less invasive with early patient ambulation, fewer access site complications and early discharge (daycare procedures)

b) Echocardiography (especially tissue doppler imaging, TDI)

Cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) has been advocated as an option in symptomatic heart failure patients with electrical dysynchrony inspite of optimum medications. Quantitative TDI (TDI-Q) has been shown to guide patient selection for CRT and to predict response rate (reverse remodeling) with reasonable sensitivity and specificity. Dr. Chang was attached briefly to Prof. Dr. C.M. Yu in Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong for further training in TDI in 2005.

c) Cardiac Imaging (coronary 64 slice CT imaging/cardiac MRI)

Further, he had training stints in noninvasive coronary angiogram (64 MDCT) in the

- Heart Centre , St. Theresa’s Hospital, Hong Kong (Dr. C. M. Wong),
- Department of Radiology , Anzhen Hospital, Beijing (Dr. Zhang Z) and
- Department of Radiology, Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden (Prof. Dr. Albert Roos).

Prior to joining Penang Adventist Hospital, he was working as Consultant Cardiologist in e-Heart and Health Scan Centre in Penang with great interest in noninvasive coronary imaging. He has personally performed ~250 cases with wide array of interesting cases (post CABG/stents/anomalous coronary arteries etc.)

d) He also has keen interest in myocardial stem cell therapy (specifically mesenchymal stem cells) which is a useful option/therapeutic adjunct in end-stage heart failure with no options for revascularization. He has enrolled four patients so far (numbers are few in view of strict enrolment criteria) and all the patients are doing well.

Dr. Chang also has keen interest in voluntary work, CME and postgraduate teaching. He was one of the local MOCK examiners in the state level (Perak) organized PACES MRCP exams held in Teluk Intan Hospital 2001. He is also one of the main contributor to the postgraduate website profizham.org (2002-2003) along with a neurologist/endocrinologist and a nephrologist/infectious disease physician. This website is dedicated towards postgraduate teaching for doctors preparing for their MRCP/Masters of Medicine programme. He also worked voluntarily during the Hendra-like virus (encephalitis) outbreak in Seremban Hospital for one month (April-May 1999) where many patients were incapacitated by the illness, thus needing prolonged dedicated care.

He is a life member of the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and has been registered with the National Specialist Registry (NSR) In Cardiology and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Chang is married to Dr. BE Tan, a rheumatologist and is active in sports (long distance running/badminton).

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