Penang Adventist Hospital Doctors On Leave Schedule

The administration and staff welcome you to Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH). It is our utmost desire to make your stay here as beneficial and comfortable as possible.


Dr Ajay Kumar 23/03/19 24/03/19
Dr Alif Carr 04/04/19 06/04/19
Dr Ang Soo Fan 28/03/19 29/03/19
12/06/19 16/06/19
Dr Calvin Tean 12/04/19 14/04/19
30/08/19 05/09/19
Dr Chang Sau Kong 28/03/19 29/03/19
11/04/19 14/04/19
Dr Cheok Chee Yew 01/05/19 05/05/19
Dr Chew Ghee Kheng 24/03/19
Dr Evelyn Chan 22/03/19 27/03/19
Dr Khoo Siew Swan 28/03/19 04/04/19
20/05/19 30/05/19
Dr Lim Shyang Yee 26/03/19 31/03/19
Dr Loo Yock Chon 27/03/19 30/03/19
05/04/19 07/04/19
19/04/19 04/05/19
Dr Lou Kean Keong 01/05/19 05/05/19
Dr Low Chin Soon 05/04/19 06/05/19
Dr Pong Kwai Meng 12/04/19 14/04/19
Dr Raymond Tah 25/03/19 31/03/19
11/04/19 14/04/19
Dr Simon Yeoh 02/05/19 17/05/19
11/08/19 18/08/19
19/09/19 22/09/19
Dr Sow Yih Liang 23/03/19 26/03/19
Dr Tang Weng Heng 18/05/19 19/05/19
11/06/19 16/06/19
24/07/19 28/07/19
Dr Teh Aik Seng 11/04/19 14/04/19
01/05/19 21/05/19
24/09/19 30/09/19
Dr Teh Chu Leong 17/02/19 25/02/19
Prof Dr Thameen Ansari 29/03/19 20/04/19
Dr Tuan Jiun Haur 22/03/19 28/03/19
12/04/19 14/04/19
06/05/19 12/05/19
Dr Venkata Murali 18/03/19 29/03/19
Upcoming Public Holidays 01/05/19

The above leaves schedule is constantly updated by Penang Adventist Hospital and it is meant to be as accurate as possible.

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28 thoughts on “Penang Adventist Hospital Doctors On Leave Schedule

    • HI Merry, thank you for your kind compliment. Please let your friends and travel agents know about this so that they can check it anytime before they book their tickets. Presently, only Adventist leave schedule is available, I will extend this service to other hospitals later on.

  1. This is very helpful. However, I can’t find doctor’s daily schedule. Do you have any information regarding Dr. Chang Sau Kong’s daily schedule for this 2 weeks ahead?

    • Dear Leo,
      Sorry we don’t post doctors daily schedules here, we only update their leave schedules here mainly for the foreign patients to check before booking their tickets to Penang.

  2. Mohon informasi tentang Dokter spesialis yang menangani penyakit lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus) di PAH. Trimakasih.

  3. Mohon informasi jadwal cuti untuk Dr. Teh Aik Seng dan Dr. Yeoh Choong Yan (Simon) di bulan Juli 2013. Apakah mereka ada rencana untuk cuti?

    Terima kasih.

  4. Mohon informasi utk jadwal cuti Dr.Teh Aik Seng (jantung) utk bulan Agustus (idul Fitri) 2013 ini? utk booking ticket kami.thanks

  5. Thanks a lot, this is very helpful!!
    Normally, we do need to call or send an email.

    Please make sure it’s always updated ^_^

    Best Regards,

  6. mau tanya cuti dr Choong Chee Chin di bulan september 2013 ? apakah mau memeriksa kandungan untuk mempunyai anak dengan beliau

    Terima kasih

  7. Dear admin,

    Need fast response. is dr.soon su seong from PAH available in this 2 weeks (from 19 september to 30 september?

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    Warm regards,

    • If you see the list and Dr. Soon name is not there, it simply means that he is around and not on leave because the list has been updated regularly by Adventist Hospital. Sorry for my late reply and please take note in future.


  8. pllease inform leave schedule for dr. Loo Yock Chon (yloo) and dr. Teoh Kum Faut (ytkf) in desember 2013 and january 2014, my parents are going to meet them for routine consultation, we are from Indonesia. thank you for the attention.

  9. Mohon Info, apakah Dr. Teh Aik Seng , ada di tanggal 7 – 10 January 2014, saya berencana membawa mama saya utk berobat jantung ke PAH,supaya saya bisa segera pesan tiket pesawat utk hari senin minggu depan. Terimakasih..

  10. Mohon Info, apakah Dr. Teh Aik Seng , ada di tanggal 01 Mei 2014, hari Kamis mengingat hari itu Hari buruh Internasional,kawatir di Penang Libur Nasional , mama kami mau berobat jantung, sehingga kami dapat mengatur jadual keberangkatan Terimakasih..Mohon informasi

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