Tropicana Medical Centre On Leave Schedule

Tropicana Medical Centre (formerly Srigim Medical Centre) is a centre managed by TMC Life Sciences Berhad, a public listed company in Malaysian stock exchange that specialises in Fertility Treatment, Women’s and Children’s care since 1992, with the belief in Quality Health Care at Affordable Cost.

Sample only, coming soon

Doctor's Name From To
Dr.Chen Kong Fu 12/11/2011 20/11/2011
Dr.Chin Xu Lu 12/11/2011 20/11/2011
Dr.Jason Tan Kong Jin 12/11/2011 20/11/2011


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One thought on “Tropicana Medical Centre On Leave Schedule

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for a Penang oncologist who will incorporate hyperthermia in cancer treatment. I will arrange training in Germany. I’ll also provide links to two phase 3 clinical trials and lots of phase 1 and 2.
    Best Regards
    Voyt Reich

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