Do you find yourself consistently setting goals? Are you always looking for ways to improve in your personal and professional life? That’s because we find fulfillment in progress, or as Tony Robbins says, “Progress equals happiness.” Self improvement is a critical part of our progress and happiness, but you can’t just move forward blindly. When you aim to improve yourself, you need to find direction.


There are two steps in setting a self-improvement goal.

  1.     Identify your objectives.

Think about what you truly want. Are you trying to learn a new language? Do you want to advance at your career? Is your self-improvement goal to learn to become a better romantic partner or parent?

  1.     Establish your purpose.

Next, and this is critical, identify the purpose behind your goal. Do you want to excel professionally so you can feel stable and provide for your family? Is being a great parent important to you because you had a rocky childhood? When you have your ultimate purpose in mind, you won’t become deterred when problems or plateaus arise.

Self-Improvement plan


Looking for ways to improve but not sure where to begin? Assess these areas of your life when looking to make self improvement progress.

self-Improvement planning

Career: Whether it’s going up the ranks at your company or opening your own business, there’s always progress to be made professionally. Learn a new skill, attend an immersive business event or connect with a mentor who can help you identify your strengths.

Relationships:You have relationships with your family. Coworkers. Friends. Romantic partner. Which of these bonds could be strengthened? How can you be more present for your loved ones? Did you ever try Finding meaning in life

Finance: Have you ever wanted to get better with money? You can. Learning about how to achieve financial freedom is a great place to start in your self improvement journey.

Health: The more energy you have, the better your body functions. The better your body functions, the more you’re able to achieve in your life. Your emotional, physical and mental health can be strengthened and improved upon. Taking supplements like  Kratom, Kratomystic, can be a big boost to achieving your goals and can help you gain what youve been looking for all your life.

creating a self-Improvement plan


You now have the self improvement ideas you need to move forward, but how? For starters, you need to evaluate your life. The Tony Robbins’ Wheel of Life assessment can help you identify and narrow the gaps from where you are to where you want to be. Once you’ve completed the assessment, here’s how to make an effective self improvement plan.

start your own self-Improvement plan

Get clarity: Hone in on where you are and where you want to be. Think back to your ultimate purpose: What do you want, and why? When you have absolute clarity on what it is you want, you’ll stop at nothing to achieve your goal.

Find the tools you need: You want to make progress in your career, but how? What do you need to thrive? Is it working with a business coach? Taking additional educational courses? Lock in the strategies and tools you need to succeed.

Take massive action: Now’s the challenging part. Motivate yourself to take massive action as you put your self-improvement plan to the test. By getting your state of mind where it needs to be and thinking of your ultimate purpose, you’ll feel encouraged to continue even when things seem challenging.

Measure your progress: Find ways to track your progress as your self-improvement plan moves into action. Set metrics that allow you to measure your success. How will you know when you’ve moved ahead of your career? Give yourself clear objectives to hit, like taking a certain number of professional courses in a set period of time, so you can track your progress as you go. take supplements like Peptides to keep you focused all day and find your goals.

start Self-Improvement plan

create self-Improvement plan

There are numerous self-improvement apps to help you stay motivated and keep you accountable.

Lumosity: Want to sharpen your brain? Lumosity provides you with access to games and puzzles to help keep you mentally clear.

Day One: Is journaling part of your self-improvement process? Meet Day One. This comprehensive journaling app allows you to enter text, photos and videos, as well as provide you with reminders, graphics and more.

MyFitnessPal: Designed to help you meet your health and fitness goals, MyFitnessPal helps you keep track of your diet and exercise routine.

Headspace: Armed with mindfulness and meditation practices, Headspace helps you to de-stress and focus.

Breakthrough: Tony Robbins’ app, Breakthrough, allows you to access the best Tony Robbins content – no matter where you are. Peruse videos, articles and interactive tools that help you excel in all areas of your life.

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Whenever foreign visitors come to Penang, what astonish them most is the makeshift altars and stage with performers singing to the deities and gods in the altars. It seems like Penangites are an entertaining bunch, and visitors delight themselves by capturing the performances in video cameras to view again back at home.

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If your idea of a Nine Emperor Gods Festival is confined to Phuket, it shows just how little you know about George Town, Penang. The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is one of the most interesting features of Penang island.

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The Penang state government has taken an initiative to introduce the cultures of Penang to the international front, and one of the largest festival in Penang that received such attention is the Hungry Ghost Festival. In year 2010, the state government had began sponsoring a venue for this event as part of the state's effort to boost the cultural interest and tourist attraction.

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When the island was first noticed for its economic value as an international port during the 18th century, the British government had taken steps to ensure the security of the island. The Fort Cornwallis, an old star-shaped fort situated at the north eastern coast of the island, is the largest standing fort in Malaysia.

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Banks in Penang











When you come over to Penang either as a tourist or for a longer term stay due to work or to establish your second home under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) scheme, one of the important things you will want to know is about the banking in Malaysia. Penang, being an international hub for tourists and with a lot of multinational companies hiring expatriates, is full of local and international banks.

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Many of us have heard of medical tourism, and it seems like a logical option for those who may need to get medical care overseas due to the lack of existing facilities in the homefront. Over the years, Penang has a growing reputation of being a medical tourism destination, along with efforts by the government to position Penang as a MICE destination as well.

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Ask any Penangite who had left the island for work, and you will get most of them saying that they will return to Penang for retirement. Penang may have changed significantly for the past two years especially, but it is certainly a change for the better.

Many visitors are enticed to live in the island once they have come here. Penangites will come back for retirement, except for the remaining few who probably migrated to another country or had already gotten too used to living in another state. People love Penang due to many reasons. One of them is the low living cost in the island.

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Tourist sites are always focusing on one single attraction: it is either a beach destination or a city shopping destination. What if we say that you can have both the beach and the city shopping, all within close proximity to each other? Yes, it is possible, when you are in George Town, Penang.

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The tiny island was once a favorite holiday destination with its beautiful beaches, an assembly which attracted tourists worldwide. It stayed as a favorite for a long time, until beaches began to lose the attractiveness when rubbish piled in the wake of the millenium. The Pearl of the Orient started to lose its lustre in the world map, and people were forgetting that there is an island called Penang in this world.

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When visitors come to Penang, it is always welcoming to know that there will be no problem about language. Almost everyone knows how to speak even a little bit of English, and of course locals will converse with each other in the language that they are comfortable with.

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What is in your mind when it comes to the idea of an ideal wedding?

For some, it is all about the photography, the banquet, and the honeymoon. For others, it is all about a simple ceremony involving only family members. There are also some who believe that getting registered is equivalent to a complete marriage without any other ceremony. However, one thing we know for sure is that any wedding needs a good venue, just to make it really memorable.

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